Affordable Chiropractic Spinal Decompression PowerPoint presentation

Spinal Decompression PowerPoint Presentation (CD)


Educate your patients and market your spinal decompression services with this affordable Spinal Decompression PowerPoint presentation!  This affordable CD includes several different versions of our popular spinal decompression PowerPoint presentation. These effective presentations educate existing patients and the general public on the fundamental aspects of spinal decompression care.  From explaining how spinal decompression works to outlining the benefits and more, these presentations are the ideal marketing and patient education tool.


Looking for a way to educate your patients and the public while generating new Spinal Decompression patients? Our spinal decompression PowerPoint presentation is the perfect solution!

We feel your pain. You’ve already invested a great deal of your time and hard earned money on your decompression table and related equipment. After this initial investment you are then expected to pay thousands of dollars more to educate patients and to implement some of the the overpriced decompression marketing and advertising packages available on the market today!?  Here is your opportunity to educate the public while simultaneously promoting the decompression service in your practice.  The best part is it won’t cost you a fortune thanks to this affordable spinal decompression PowerPoint.


This presentation:

  • Explains what Spinal Decompression Therapy is in easy to understand terms
  • Describes the equipment and procedures used during spinal decompression
  • Describes the three main stages of spinal decompression care
  • Encourages patient compliance
  • Stresses the importance of continuing care beyond relief of pain
  • Describes how and why spinal decompression works.
  • Lists research studies validating the effectiveness of spinal decompression therapy.
  • And Much More!

This spinal decompression PowerPoint presentation is perfect for use as Spinal Decompression marketing or patient education. It is ideal for describing the benefits of spinal decompression to the general public in a lay lecture environment.  This presentation goes into just the right amount of detail without being confusing or too complicated. It broadly describes equipment in general and it isn’t specifically geared toward any one brand of table or equipment.  It features pictures of both the expensive and more economical decompression setups.  In fact, the presentation was intentionally designed to be generic enough to apply to whatever  spinal decompression equipment you use now or in the future!

You’ll receive several different versions on your CD but the base version of the presentation consists of over 41 slides. Each one comes complete with photos, animations and more. There are plenty of pictures, diagrams, and custom animations throughout the presentations to help your audience understand spinal decompression therapy while also maintaining their interest. We even cite well known research studies to help establish the effectiveness of Spinal Decompression care.   All of  the hard work of research, writing and organization is already done for you. That doesn’t mean you’re locked in or stuck with the content as we provide it. All of these Spinal Decompression PowerPoint presentations are totally customizable.

You are free to edit the materials to your heart’s content. Using Microsoft PowerPoint you have complete access to editing these files. You won’t find any password protection issues or locked files here. Feel free to change the background color, add sounds, reorder slides and even delete content. Unlike other materials on the market, you can do whatever you want! The main restriction is the files, any of your modifications and information contained in the files cannot be sold or redistributed without the written permission of the author.

You can even customize the presentation with your practice name and contact information for a truly personalized product. It’s easy to do on your own but we are also willing to personalize the presentation with your practice name and contact info at the beginning and/or end of the presentation free of charge.  Just add the information you’d like included as a note with your PayPal payment or feel free to send us an email immediately after you purchase. Please be sure to check spelling since we use the information exactly as you provide it to us.