Chiropractic Art and More on Ebay

Ebay is actually largely responsible for the success of our business and products. We actually started by selling our products exclusively on eBay. Everything went so well we chose to start offering our merchandise on our own dedicated website.

Ebay still remains an important part of our business structure today. By shopping with us on eBay you can often save a significant amount of money if you are willing to bid, wait and win! If you’re a little impatient you can often still save off our website prices by using the “Buy it Now” feature for our listings on eBay. The feedback system on eBay is another benefit. It helps skeptical consumers with more protection and helps ensure they are dealing with a legitimate business and seller with honest and ethical business practices.

We also use eBay as a platform to test interest in new products. From time to time we’ll sell a new item on ebay first to test pricing and consumer response. If the product turns out to be a keeper we’ll list the item on the site and the price goes up!

Current eBay Listings:

Our current ebay listings will appear below. If there are no ebay listings featured below, it means we don’t have any ebay listings currently active. Feel free to check back later.


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