Spinal Decompression Marketing Kit

Spinal Decompression Marketing Kit


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Market your spinal decompression therapy with our full spinal decompression therapy marketing and advertising kit.  This amazing resource is packed with a plethora of Spinal Decompression marketing materials at an amazing price.  Take your decompression marketing efforts to the next level without breaking the bank.

Read on to discover all of the content included in this affordable spinal decompression marketing kit.

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You’ve probably seen Spinal Decompression Marketing kits with ridiculous price tags of hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.  You need effective spinal decompression marketing but in today’s tough economy you need it at a reasonable cost.  We have the perfect solution!  Check out our incredibly affordable spinal decompression marketing kit. It is sure to meet your decompression marketing needs without costing you an arm and a leg!  This is a great spinal decompression and advertising kit, a great price and the best part of it is you get it all of it customized and tailored to your practice.  You supply us with photos of your spinal decompression table, photos of your practice and staff and your practice information.  We take it from there and do all the work for you to create a customized and personalized Spinal Decompression advertising kit.


Let’s take a look at what you’ll receive with your purchase:

1.   Personalized copies of our Spinal Decompression PowerPoint Presentation.

You’ll receive several different versions of our awesome spinal decompression PowerPoint presentation each personalized with photos of your spinal decompression equipment and practice.  None of these files are password protected or read only which means you’ll be able to make any changes you desire. Add content, delete content and more!


2.   One copy of the Decompression PowerPoint presentation described above in PDF format.

This is the perfect solution for those doctors who don’t (or won’t) use the Microsoft PowerPoint program.  This is the same presentation in a PDF format that basically runs as a photo slide show. It presents all of the same information and contains the identical photos and more.  The downside is this version isn’t editable and you won’t have all of the fancy animations and transitions present in the PowerPoint version.  With that said, this version is still highly useful and can be used in a lecture environment with ease.  You can even advance through the slides etc. just the same with Adobe’s free Reader program.


3.  Two Copies of our Spinal Decompression Patient Education/Waiting Room DVD Video.

This spinal decompression marketing and patient education DVD features two versions of our spinal decompression video: both a silent presentation and another with background music. This DVD is perfect for looping in your waiting room and teaching patients about the benefits of Spinal Decompression therapy.  Your patients will definitely be impressed when they realize this DVD is customized with photos of your staff, your practice and spinal decompression equipment! We even provide two copies to make your kit more versatile. You’ll have one for multiple locations or just use one DVD as a backup.  Each version will vary in length since this is a totally customized product, but expect an average length of about 15 minutes in length.


4.  One Copy of a Narrated Consultation Spinal Decompression DVD
This DVD is a shortened and slightly revised version of our spinal decompression waiting room DVD described above.  We reworked the video and condensed the important facts and information into a shorter version and added voice narration.  This version is perfect for us as a consultation video.  It makes a great video for a patient to watch during their first visit.  This condensed and streamlined video isn’t short on material however.  It presents all of he same important main points delivered more efficiently.  The length of this DVD varies from kit to kit but you can generally expect a running time of approximately 8 to 11 minutes.


5.  Ten Copies of a Unique Direct Mail Advertising Spinal Decompression DVD

We take our spinal decompression narrated consultation DVD and tweak it to make a short informative commercial for your office and your decompression services.  Like the rest of the materials in this kit, these DVDs are customized and tailored to your practice. We’ll incorporate photos of your staff, your practice, your equipment and more into the video.  We’ll also include your practice contact information, directions to your location and more.  We end the video on these DVDs with a strong call to action that urges the viewer to call and set up an appointment.

These DVDs are fantastic for use as direct mail marketing. Many of the ad templates included in this kit are designed with a tag line that reads “request your free informational DVD.”
Many doctors mail out these DVDs as a mass marketing effort.

Although they’re protected by copyright, we allow you to copy and redistribute your customized 10 personalized DVDs for your personal non-commercial marketing of your decompression services.  However, re-selling or using the DVDs for your direct commercial gain are not permitted.


6.  Two Short Video Clips For Advertising Your Decompression Services and Practice

These custom video clips are ideal for using as short video commercials and work great on your website and more.  They’re great for placing short video clips on YouTube and social networking sites etc.


7.  Multiple Copies of Our Spinal Decompression Audio CD
These audio CDs  add another affordable and effective spinal decompression  marketing resource to your arsenal.  They feature 6 tracks explaining spinal decompression procedures and equipment in easy to understand terms.  We even add a tagline at the end of the CD listing your practice contact information to make these truly personalized.  The CDs even feature labels customized with your practice contact information.

This CD is about 16 minutes in total length and consists of 7 audio tracks:

Track 1: Introduction/What is Spinal Decompression? (3:09)
Track 2: The Equipment and Procedure (2:31)
Track 3: What Does it Do? (2:05)
Track 4: Treatment Plans and the Three Stages of Care (1:46)
Track 5: Frequently Asked Questions (5:04)
Track 6: Don’t Delay. . . Call Today! (This track features your practice contact information and invites patient to call and schedule an appointment)
Track 7: Legal Disclaimer (0:31)


8.  One Copy of our Outcome Assessment Resource CD
This CD ROM is loaded with files to help you manage most of the popular outcomes assessment protocols that are associated with spinal decompression therapy.  You’ll find these Microsoft Word, PDF and Microsoft Excel files work well together to help you track and manage the outcomes and care assessments of your patients.  The Excel files provided feature calculators to score, track, graph, and manage data from:

  • The Oswestry Low Back Pain and Disability Questionnaires
  • The Neck Disability Index
  • The Rand 36 Item Health Survey, version 1.0
  • The Roland-Morris Questionnaire
  • The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Self Evaluation Questionnaire (Boston Protocol)

These Excel spreadsheets automatically generate scores for the user. You can then simply transfer over the data into the table on the next part of the spreadsheet and the spreadsheet automatically plots the data on the patient’s graph. These easy to use files will be a big help in managing your treatment and helps gauge the progression of each patient.

(Please note these files require Microsoft Word and Excel or equivalent.)


9.  Our Decompression Marketing and Resource CD
This amazing CD alone is worth close to the total purchase price of your kit. This disc is packed full of advertising templates all personalized with your information and customized to your practice.  This is a CD full of Microsoft Word templates and PDF files to generate your own marketing. Use these templates for advertising, internal and external marketing and even specifically marketing your decompression services to M.D.s and other healthcare providers.

On this CD you’ll get dozens of ads and template files setup for various common sizes of display and print advertising.  You can use these for spinal decompression advertisement templates for various uses such as yellowpages advertising, newspaper advertising and other print advertising.

The benefits don’t stop with display advertising.  We also provide you with templates to print your own business cards, brochures, flyers and more.  You can print these advertisements using your own color inkjet printer, or if you prefer you can also take the disc or files to your local print shop to have them print your materials for you.

Here are some of the customized templates included with your purchase:

  • Valpak Style/Size ads
  • Spinal Decompression Tri-fold Brochure templates
  • Newspaper Insert/Flyer Ad Templates (8.5”x11” )
  • Appointment Reminder Card Templates
  • Business Card Templates
  • Multiple Appointment Yearly Calendar Templates.  Just enter the patient’s name in the template and print out a handy calendar for the year, then circle their appointment days on the calendar for them.  These calendars make a great year at a glance template.  Make things easier on your staff and your patients by scheduling out those prepaid care plans in advance.
  • Door Hanger Advertisement templates 
  • Direct Mail Postcard Templates
  • Press Release Templates
  • Simple instructions for formatting and submitting press releases
  • A Sample Press Release
  • Tips and Hints for When to Issue a Press Release
  • Letters to M.D. templates

About the letters:  These templates are ideal for marketing your decompression services to Medical Doctors and other healthcare providers. These letters are designed as a series of 6 letters.  The first letter is a concise 1-1/2 to 2 page letter designed to introduce your practice and spinal decompression services.  This first letter describes spinal decompression, and what it does.  It also provides a discussion of the research demonstrating the effectiveness of spinal decompression.  This first letter ends with an invitation to refer patients  to you and an acknowledgement that you and your staff are happy to provide periodic reports/updates to the doctor about the patient’s progress.

The second letter in the series is designed as a short follow up letter. This letter is followed by another single page letter explaining what conditions respond well to decompression.  It also outlines the contraindications and cautions.  Additional letters follow. These include letters describing treatment protocols, insurance coverage and more. There’s also a letter introducing your referral pad and sheets (a template for the referral pad is provided as well!)

  • A template to make your own referral sheets.  These templates are personalized with your practice information.  You can even pre-fill the referring doctor’s information in the header to save them time.  Just plug in the doctor’s name and mail them their very own personalized referral sheets.  Other providers are more likely to refer patients to you if you make the process quick and easy. These referral sheets do just that.  The doctor referring a patient to you simply completes the patient’s information and diagnosis and then checks a series of boxes inquiring about contraindications to spinal decompression care etc.  These templates come in both a full page and ½ page size.  You can even have these made into a referral pad at your local office store!  If you have a referral relationship already established with a doctor just give us their information and we will customize a referral pad for you and include it in your kit.
  • Sample Telephone Scripts and Guidelines with New Patient Phone Intake Form Template
  •  Informed Consent From Templates
  • Attorney Letter Templates: Market Your Services to Local Attorneys
  • Patient Testimonial Templates:  Instructions and templates for implementing patient testimonial marketing within your practice.
  • A “New Mover” letter:  Welcome new members of your community while simultaneously marketing your services.
  • Financial Hardship and Prepayment Plan Agreements
  • Envelopes for Templates:  Templates for #10 envelopes you can print to help promote your decompression services in all your correspondence!

*Please note the files above require Microsoft Word or equivalent  installed and PDF Reader or equivalent installed. Microsoft Word files and templates are editable if you choose. PDF files are not readily editable.


10.  Framed Spinal Decompression Wall Art
These framed wall pictures vary but are always spinal decompression related, always attractive and always educate about decompression. Size may vary, but these framed prints typically measure around 8”x10” or 8.5″ x 11″ in size.


11.  1 small (about 3 ½” x 5”) plastic free standing picture/document frame with interchangeable templates for inserts.  This small frame is ideal for a variety of uses. Use it at a check out desk, consultation room or on that end table that needs to serve more of a purpose!  Using this product could not be easier.  Just print up whatever you want patients to know about and slide it into this frame.  Promote practice specials, patient appreciation days and more. Advertise the benefits of spinal decompression or anything else you want your patients to know about. Just print it up and slide it in!

Of course we make your life even easier by providing several pre-made templates. We give you insert templates to print out including phrases such as:

A friendly “Payment is due at the time of service” reminder

“Your greatest compliment is your referral” This works well when placed next to your brochures about spinal decompression

“Do you have a friend or relative who could use our services? Please take one”

Blank Template:  Use this blank template to print, cut and insert whatever you want in it!


12. 1 Larger  Clear Acrylic Plastic Free Standing Picture and Document Frame (Approximately 8″ x 10″). Use this frame to display flyers and other important documents you print.  This is the perfect tool for taking along to a health fair, spinal screening and more.  It’s also perfect for displaying signage and more at your checkout desk and within treatment rooms.


13. A 10+ Page Tips and Hint Document.  This document discusses decompression tips, advice on treatment protocols, billing advice and more. You’ll also find tips and hints explaining how to use your marketing you print, where to get direct mail mailing lists and much more!


14. AND MORE! This kit contains more than we can even mention.  As I’m sure you can already see, you’ll receive much more than you pay for!


How the Process Works

How does this process work? Read all of the details and the terms of purchase here:
Terms of Purchase


1.  First complete your purchase and pay for your kit.


2. Next, submit your practice contact information and release forms and photos.  Complete details are provided by clicking the link below:
Submit Forms and Information


3. Finally just watch your email inbox for updates and notification of shipping!
It’s that easy!
*Please Note: These are custom kits that require a great deal of time to complete.  Please allow 6-8 weeks after you have submitted all of your required information for completion of your kit.