Spinal Decompression Mini Marketing Kit

Spinal Decompression Marketing Kit (Mini)


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Our mini spinal decompression marketing kit is the ideal affordable fully customized spinal decompression marketing and advertising solution. This is a smaller version of our full blown spinal decompression marketing kit.  Don’t let the word “mini” fool you.  This spinal decompression advertising kit is jam packed with value and useful resources. Get DVD videos, PowerPoints, Audio CDs and more all customized with your information, your photos and other details tailored to you and your unique practice.

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Many Chiropractors and healthcare providers don’t have a need or desire for all of the extras included in our full spinal decompression marketing and advertising kit.  This smaller and more affordable “mini” spinal decompression marketing kit is the perfect solution.

We still offer the same amazing personalized value. All of the marketing materials (including the custom DVDs) will feature photos of your practice, staff and spinal decompression equipment and more!

We’ve taken our full decompression marketing and removed all of the customized templates for advertising such as brochures, display ads, business cards and more.  Removing these templates and some other minor changes allow us to offer this”mini” decompression marketing kit that is anything but small.


Here is what is included:

1.  Personalized copies of our Microsoft PowerPoint Spinal Decompression Presentation.
You’ll receive our spinal decompression PowerPoint presentation personalized with your practice information.   We do all the hard work of customizing this presentation with the photos and information you supply.  We’ll include photos of your staff, photos of your spinal decompression equipment and more.  Just because we’ve personalized the presentations doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them the way they are. You’re free to edit and improve upon them as you see fit.  Feel free to change the order of slides, add or delete content and make any other changes you desire. With all versions coming in over 50 slides, this is a great presentation to educate existing patients and the general public about spinal decompression. This presentation is great for use as an orientation to decompression or even use it as a free health care class to generate new  spinal decompression patients. (These PowerPoint files are provided on a computer CD-R)


2.  One nearly identical copy of the Spinal Decompression presentation described above in PDF format.
This PDF version of our spinal decompression PowerPoint presentation is perfect for those health care providers who don’t want to use Microsoft PowerPoint. This PDF version presents the same material in a format accessible to all. You get the same material presented in a photo slide show format.  It includes slides that you can advance and play using Adobe’s free Reader program. This version does have some drawbacks.  You lose the custom transitions and animations present with the PowerPoint version.  You also lose the ability to easily loop this version.  That being said, this version is perfect for those doctors without the PowerPoint program. (Files provided on a computer CD-R)


3. One copy of narrated consultation/report of findings Spinal Decompression DVD.
This is a shortened version of our spinal decompression waiting room DVD.  We removed some of the fluff and condensed the important facts from the video into this shorter version.  We then added voice narration! This version is ideal for use as for an orientation or consultation video. This shorter narrated version is also a great video for a patient to watch during their “first pull”.  No worries because the video presents all the same information and all of the same important main points are delivered even more efficiently. Since this is a customized product, the length of this DVD will vary from kit to kit.  You can generally expect an average length of about 8 to 11 minutes.


4.  Ten copies of a unique Direct Mail Advertising Spinal Decompression DVD.

We further customize the DVDs above to make short informational marketing DVDs for your office.  These DVDs come packaged in white paper sleeves and they are ideal spinal decompression marketing materials.  These custom DVDs feature photos of your practice, equipment, staff and more.  We can include your practice contact information, directions to your location, videos you supply and other information you want us to work into the DVD.  We even end the DVD with a strong call to action to urge prospective patients to set up an appointment. These DVDs are great for use as direct mail marketing.

Many doctors request these DVDs from us in bulk and mail them out in mass marketing efforts.  We offer them in lots of 25. Feel free to contact us for pricing. You may also make additional copies yourself.  Although these DVDs are protected by copyright, we do extend the right to you to copy these 10 personalized DVDs for your personal non-commercial marketing of your practice and your decompression services. Please keep in mind we DO NOT extend the rights, nor do we permit you to re-sell or otherwise directly profit from these DVDs.


5.  Two short video clips tailored for your practice.

We create two advertising video clips for your practice.  These clips are great for a variety of uses. Use them on your website for use as short and easy web commercials. These clips are ideal for placing short clips on Youtube and social networking sites etc.


6.  Two copies of our spinal decompression audio CD explaining spinal decompression in easy to understand terms.
This audio CD explains spinal decompression procedures and equipment in easy to understand language.  These CDs are the perfect addition to your spinal decompression marketing efforts.  We even add a tagline at the end of the CD listing your practice contact information.   The CDs feature labels customized with your practice contact information.  We even permit you to to duplicate your audio CDs to make your own copies to distribute freely to potential and existing patients.

This CD is about 16 minutes in total length and consists of 7 audio tracks:
Track 1: Introduction/What is Spinal Decompression? (3:09)
Track 2: The Equipment and Procedure (2:31)
Track 3: What Does it Do? (2:05)
Track 4: Treatment Plans and the Three Stages of Care (1:46)
Track 5: Frequently Asked Questions (5:04)
Track 6: Don’t Delay. . . Call Today! (We list your practice contact telephone number, Dr. Name etc here.) (Time varies slightly from kit to kit)
Track 7: Legal Disclaimer (0:31)


How does the purchase and ordering process work?

The ordering process is simple.

1.  First read all of the details and the terms of purchase here:

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2. Buy and pay for your spinal decompression mini marketing kit.

3. Submit your practice contact information/release form and photos to us.
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Terms Etc.

Due to the nature of this customized product, no returns are accepted and all sales are final.  Please note these kits require a significant amount of work and time to complete.  Our order completion time will vary based on order volume.  Work will not begin until all required materials and forms have been submitted.  All orders are filled on a first come, first served basis.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for your kit to be completed and shipped out.