About our Chiropractic Art

Chiropractic Art for Chiropractors by a Chiropractor!  

All of our unique and affordable Chiropractic artwork is designed and lovingly hand made by a Doctor of Chiropractic.

If you are sick and tired of the same cookie cutter chiropractic art you see hanging everywhere, you’ve found the right website. It doesn’t matter whether you’re searching for a unique Chiropractic gift for yourself or the special Chiropractor in your life,  you’ll probably find it right here! We have the perfect solution to your Chiropractic art and decor needs.

From unique handmade works of art to original poster designs and one of a kind chiropractic paintings. you’ll find the quality Chiropractic art you desire at an affordable price.  As a matter of fact, our prices are so affordable we often see chiropractic posters and prints routinely sold for over double our prices.


About Our Chiropractic Paintings:


When you take the fact that each of our Chiropractic paintings are done by hand into account, you’ll agree our prices are a steal!  We don’t sell mass produced junk each of our items and works of art is carefully painted and crafted by hand, making them truly unique Chiropractic works of art.

Our paintings are done on high quality canvases.  Unless otherwise noted, each canvas is “gallery” or “museum” wrapped, which means there are no visible staples on the front or edges of the painting.  The canvas is stretched around the edges, and around the back of the high quality wooden stretcher bars before it is stapled on the back.  There are no visible staples and all of our painting edges are finished.  This means convenience for your because each of our chiropractic paintings arrives ready to hang as is.  You can also choose to have your painting framed to suit your tastes at your local framing shop.

We don’t currently offer framing because it can usually be done more economically locally.  We’ve found adding a framing service at ChiropracticArt.com would result in too much expense and difficulty to offset the increase in pricing we would need to pass on to our customers.  We’ve found the vast majority of customers choose to hang our paintings unframed just as they receive them.

We focus on quality and our chiropractic art is designed for longevity.  We complete each painting on fine or medium texture acid free canvas that is prepared and treated to protect against acidic deterioration.  Once completed, we seal each of our Chiropractic paintings on the front and back with several layers of  clear protectant.  This helps protect the work against damage due to moisture, dust, dirt and even UV light.

What sorts of Chiropractic paintings do we offer?  We’re constantly expanding our product line and we currently offer chiropractic caduceus paintings, spine paintings, hand painted atlas vertebra paintings for upper cervical doctors and much more.  We’re open to custom requests and we can even hand paint a custom canvas for your waiting room featuring your Chiropractic practice logo!

Our double canvas lateral spine painting is by far our most popular Chiropractic paintings.  This painting features a large lateral side view of a human spine painted in black oil over two large canvases. Customers can even request their own background color on this simple and beautiful piece of chiropractic art. Measuring approximately 4 feet tall this chiropractic spine painting makes a large and dramatic statement wherever it hangs.

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Chiropractic Prints and Posters:

We sell much more than Chiropractic paintings.  We also offer affordable and attractive framed chiropractic art and prints. Whether you’re looking for a fully completed framed work of art, or an unframed print you’ll frame yourself, we have something for you!  You can view our beautiful and affordable framed chiropractic prints and pictures by visiting the link below:

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