Chiropractic Wall Art

Not really pictures, not really paintings or posters . . . this category is dedicated to other types of Chiropractic Wall art. From unique spine shadowboxes to other Chiropractic wall art and decor this special category is sure to offer that unique item you’re searching for! Click any of the product titles or thumbnail photos below to open up the product details page with much more information about each product.



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  • Digital Art Musuem - Digital Chiropractic Wall Art

    Digital Art Museum for Your Chiropractic Practice

    Display your very own digital art museum within your Chiropractic practice. This digital display features a 1080p HD screen. When teamed with  a free mobile app and a free online account this device provides access to an online library of 20,000 still and moving images. You can even upload your own artwork!

    Change images with the swipe of a hand or program things to your heart’s content with the mobile app.


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  • Chiropractic Wall Art

    Chiropractic Art – Spine ShadowBox


    Sophisticated modern Chiropractic art for the walls of your practice or home! This spine shadow box measures approximately 20″ x 9″ x 1.5″.  This unique Chiropractic wall art features a lateral view of the human spine etched in acrylic and mounted against a black velour background using stylish metal mounting pegs.  The spine almost appears to float within the black  shadow box frame.


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