Chiropractic Posters: Perfect Art Solution?

Chiropractic Posters - Sample image of spine poster

Read on to see why we feel Chiropractic posters just might be the perfect form of artwork for your practice walls.

Are chiropractic posters the ideal piece of chiropractic art?  Of course terms like “perfect” and “ideal” are all a matter of opinion but  we believe they are one of the best ways to decorate and personalize a practice’s walls.  Why are we so fond of Chiropractic posters? Let’s run down a list of benefits we feel this form of artwork offers. We’re confident you’ll agree with most of them too.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Posters

Are they the perfect chiropractic artwork solution?


  • Affordability:

One of the most noteworthy bonuses of  chiropractic posters is price. They usually cost much less than other forms of art and therefore are one of the most popular forms of chiropractic artwork available.


  • Attractive:

Posters aren’t just for the movies or the latest teen heart throb anymore. A well made and high quality poster is an attractive work of art too. Original chiropractic posters can be as bland or  and colorful as you’d like. You can even find poster sized prints of actual paintings that look great but don’t cost nearly as much as the original.


  • Easy Display:

The sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to mounting and displaying a chiropractic poster.  On a budget or just looking for a minimalist approach? Simply hanging a poster with double sided tape or special poster tack is a quick and affordable option. We don’t recommend using thumb tacks or push pins but that’s certainly an option too. Just don’t be offended if patients tell you it looks “tacky.” (Pun intended.) If you’re looking for more creative ways to hang your posters you’re in luck. Read on to the next section below.


  • Variety of Mounting Options:

Looking to expand your horizons beyond double side tape and push pins? You will discover many unique ways to mount and display your chiropractic poster. Depending on where you purchase a poster, professional mounting and framing are available. These services are available in many local shops as well. Another option is doing it yourself.

Doing things on your own doesn’t limit your options either. In fact, quite the opposite is true. If you go the DIY route many options are available to you. Poster frames are just one popular option. Many poster frames are available on the market today. Today’s shopper can choose from budget frames that look great for less than $20 to deluxe models that often exceed the cost of the poster being framed. It all depends on the look you’re after. If you’d rather save some cash many economical frames are available. Changeable display cases, poster rails, clips and foam mounting are just some of the additional options available. If you’re willing to invest some time you can even come up with your own custom poster framing or mounting idea.


  • Double Duty:

Many chiropractic posters  serve a dual purpose . Chiropractors can use them as patient education materials too. Use a poster to create interest and to start conversations about healthcare with your patients!


  • Easy to Change and Update:

Keeping the look of your practice fresh and updated is a very important aspect of running a practice. If the chiropractic decor on your walls stays the same month after month it wears on you, your staff and your patients. Give patients a reason to look forward to visiting your location on a routine basis. Hanging new chiropractic artwork and regularly rotating your posters keeps things updated, creates talk and therefore creates new patient education opportunities.


  • Easy Storage and Shipping:

Posters frequently ship loosely rolled making shipping easy and affordable. This quality also makes storage of unused posters especially easy if you swap them out frequently.

Are chiropractic posters the perfect solution for your practice walls? Maybe. It depends on your needs.  We honestly feel they are almost the perfect solution for your decorating needs.  To summarize, they are typically much more affordable than other types of artwork.  Chiropractic posters allow you to quickly, easily and affordably decorate your practice walls while educating patients. What more could you ask for?


Chiropractic Posters on Amazon:



If you think posters are a great form of art too you may be interested in browsing some of the Chiropractic posters below or view our store for a great variety of Chiropractic art.


  • Chiropractic Poster Abstract Spine Poster

    Chiropractic Poster: Colorful Abstract Spine


    Just looking for a way to add some style to your practice without all the messages? Look no further! Add some subtle color to the walls of your Chiropractic practice with this stunning Chiropractic poster. This poster features a white spine against a colorful abstract background.  The simple and colorful design suits many design themes and is sure to turn heads for years to come.


    This poster is available in standard matte and glossy laminated finish. It ships for free rolled in a poster tube. If you prefer flat box shipping this option is available for a small additional fee.


    This poster typically ships out within 5-6 business days.

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  • Affordable Chiropractic Poster Wall Art Nature No Help

    Chiropractic Poster: Nature Needs No Help


    The human body is incredibly powerful with a beautiful innate ability to self heal and self regular.  Your body may not need much help to heal itself, it just needs the absence of interference. Show your new and existing Chiropractic patients you understand the healing power of Chiropractic with this beautiful Chiropractic poster. This affordable Chiropractic poster measures about 24″ wide by 18″ tall.


    Premium glossy lamination and flat box shipping are available options for a small fee. Please note this poster requires a short lead time and typically ships out within 5-6 business days after purchase.


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  • Affordable Chiropractic Poster Triune

    Chiropractic Poster: The Triune of Life


    Add some colorful and principled Chiropractic art to your walls with this beautiful The Triune of Life Chiropractic poster.  This print features subtle plays on the triune and emphasizes the importance the number three plays within Chiropractic and life itself.


    Featuring three beautiful flowers each surrounded by three important words, this Chiropractic poster is sure to be an affordable conversation starter and patient education tool.


    This chiropractic poster typically ships out within 5-6 business days.


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  • Chiropractic Art Colorful Lumbar Spine AP X-ray Poster Print

    Colorful Lumbar Spine Poster

    Add a splash of modern color with this beautiful chiropractic poster. This chiropractic print features a beautiful colorized version of an AP lumbar spine x-ray and is sure to work equally well as art and as a patient education piece. This stunning and colorful chiropractic art is sure to be a popular addition to your practice or would be fantastic for a unique gift idea.

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  • Digital Art Musuem - Digital Chiropractic Wall Art

    Digital Art Museum for Your Chiropractic Practice

    Display your very own digital art museum within your Chiropractic practice. This digital display features a 1080p HD screen. When teamed with  a free mobile app and a free online account this device provides access to an online library of 20,000 still and moving images. You can even upload your own artwork!

    Change images with the swipe of a hand or program things to your heart’s content with the mobile app.


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  • Palmer School of Chiropractic poster print

    Palmer School of Chiropractic Poster

    Show your appreciation for Chiropractic’s Fountainhead and the history of chiropractic with this beautiful Palmer School of Chiropractic print. This chiropractic poster features a vintage tribute to Palmer’s Davenport, IA campus and the WOC radio station building. This Palmer College of Chiropractic poster makes a great piece of Chiropractic art.

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  • Chiropractic Spine in Ecstasy print

    Spine In Ecstasy Print

    This colorful and vibrant print has an energetic and uplifting vibe sure to brighten your reception area. This would make a great Chiropractic print for a modern office. This chiropractic themed art looks great unframed, matted and framed and more.. A variety of sizing and mounting options are available so one is sure to meet your Chiropractic decorating needs!

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