About Us

We have grown quickly since our humble beginnings back in 2006. We started out offering a couple of Chiropractic PowerPoint presentations and have expanded to offering the dozens of quality and affordable Chiropractic works of art, marketing and patient education products you see on our site today.  Wondering how this site and our products came to be?

ChiropracticArt.com was started by our founder, Doctor James.  As a new graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, our founder became disgusted when it came to purchasing items to start out on his own in practice.  He was amazed by the ridiculous prices on patient education and marketing products such as Chiropractic PowerPoint presentations and chiropractic patient education DVDs. Even decorating his practice with some modest posters or other Chiropractic art proved to be very costly.  He routinely saw prices new Doctors of Chiropractic couldn’t afford and that even established doctors shouldn’t be paying.

To open his own practice on a budget, our founder decided he would create his own patient educattion materials, marketing material and even art.  This time consuming endeavor was time well spent. After seeing how effective his chiropractic creations were, Dr. James decided to improve upon them and offer them to his chiropractic colleagues at reasonable rates.

We’ve come a long way and have expanded our product line to include many products and unique handmade Chiropractic works of art you won’t find anywhere else.  We now feature patient education products for chiropractic, spinal decompression, cold laser and more. Whether you’re searching for a unique Chiropractic gift, affordable chiropractic patient education or some unique and unusual chiropractic art, we have a product and solution for you and your budget.

A message from our founder,

This site began shortly after my graduation from Palmer College of Chiropractic.  I knew things like securing a location, major equipment purchases and licensure would be expensive.  I had no idea even the smallest items necessary to decorate my practice space would be immensely over priced.  In order to stick to a strict budget, I had to think outside the box and make my own patient education, marketing materials and Chiropractic art.

While this solution was right for me and my budget at the time, it is not something I’d recommend.  New D.C.’s should have the freedom and time to focus on treating patients and building a practice.  They shouldn’t be desperately searching for affordable posters and PowerPoint presentations.  With that in mind  I decided to start ChiropracticArt.com to help other Doctors of Chiropractic in a similar situation.

Take a few moments to browse our Chiropractic product selection and I’m sure you’ll find something to meet your needs, tastes and budget.  We’re a small family run business that is sensitive to the unique needs and demands of the Chiropractic profession.  We honor the trust you hold with us when placing an order and look forward to continuing to give back to this wonderful profession.

Yours in Health,

-Dr. James