Spinal Decompression Waiting Room DVD

Spinal Decompression DVD Video


Our Spinal Decompression Waiting Room and Patient Education DVD is the perfect patient education and marketing tool for your practice.  This affordable spinal decompression DVD includes several versions on one disc.  Loop the silent or background music versions in your waiting room or at a health fair.  The silent version is ideal for use in a lecture setting, while the narrated consultation version is ideal for use as a spinal decompression patient orientation video and more. This DVD doesn’t mention Chiropractic specifically so it is perfect for mutli-discipline use.


Searching in vain for affordable Spinal Decompression patient education and marketing tools? Your search is over.  No more worries because we have the affordable spinal decompression DVD you’ve been searching for. It’s perfect for use as a patient education tool and for spinal decompression marketing.  Whether you’re looking for something to educate the general public or something to use as an introduction to your spinal decompression treatment protocol, this decompression DVD


Let’s take a closer look at this spinal decompression DVD.

This DVD:

  • Effectively explains what Spinal Decompression Therapy is without going into too much detail
  • Describes the equipment and procedures used in general terms without being too specific to one type of treatment program our one type or brand of equipment
  • Describes the three main stages of care for spinal decompression
  • Encourages patient compliance by stressing the importance of preventative care beyond pain relief
  • Describes the theories and concept behind why spinal decompression works.
  • Cites studies and references that validate the effectiveness of spinal decompression therapy.
    And Much More!


This DVD contains three different versions of the same Spinal Decompression video presentation. While all three versions present the same material, they have their unique advantages.


Version 1:  A silent, self-looping waiting room presentation.  This version is great for using as a waiting room DVD, a patient education video and more. (Running time approximately 15 minutes.)

Version 2:  This version is the identical waiting room presentation featured above with the addition of some relaxing piano background music. (Run-time of approximately 15 minutes.)

Version 3:  This version is a  special  shortened narrated decompression presentation ideal for use as a patient orientation or consult video (About 10 minutes in length).


The different versions of the Spinal Decompression presentation add greatly to the versatility of this DVD.  This makes DVD the perfect affordable decompression patient education and spinal decompression marketing tool!  This DVD video is ideal for describing the benefits of spinal decompression to both existing patients and the general public within your community. Use this tool to tout the benefits of Spinal Decompression to your current patients while generating new patients in the process.


One great use for this DVD is to set it up to play at a health fair, open house or spinal screening.  Any of the versions work well for this task. You can also use the silent waiting room version and use it to hold a spinal decompression lay lecture. With little to no preparation you should be able to present the material in an engaging 15-20 minute lecture. You can even use your remote to advance or reverse through the presentation just as you would a slide show.  This is the perfect solution for doctors that can’t, don’t or won’t use Microsoft PowerPoint!


The usefulness of this Spinal Decompression DVD doesn’t end there.  The shorter narrated consult version is ideal for use as part of your new decompression patient orientation process. Many Chiropractors and health care providers buy additional copies and “loan”  this DVD it to new patients to watch at home. At approximately 10 minutes in duration, this version is just the right length.


Sample Clips:

Check out a few sample clips below

1. A short clip from the silent waiting room version:


2. Another sample clip from the silent waiting room version:


3. View a short sample clip from the narrated consultation version:


These DVDs are extremely easy to use and they play like any normal DVD movie in a DVD player.  Put the DVD in the player or disc drive and close the drawer. Next, simply select Main Menu with your remote and make your selection for the version of the video you desire. Then just start playing the video and walk away. If you’re presenting in a lecture style environment you can actually use the DVD in a lecture environment with a TV. Try using the remote to pause, advance, or reverse through the slides!

This spinal decompression DVD broadly describes equipment in general and this video can be used equally effectively regardless of the spinal decompression equipment you use.

The DVD is also intentionally non-specific with regards to profession.  Since the DVD doesn’t specifically mention Chiropractic it can be used by MD’s, DC’s, DO’s and more.


DVD Format:  NTSC

DVD Region:  Region 1 (US, CA)

Running Time:  Approximately 10 minutes 46 seconds for the consultation version.  Approximately 15 minutes for the waiting room video

Self-Looping:  The waiting room videos are self looping.  When the video ends it automatically starts over again at the beginning. Choose the silent version or the version with background music to take advantage of the self looping feature. There’s no need to program a DVD player and no need to constantly restart the video all day.