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January 31st 2019:

  • New Chiropractic Coffee Mugs, T-shirts, Pillows, Posters and More

We just updated our store on Zazzle where we sell many unique create on demand products. We’ve added t-shirts, throw pillows, posters, Chiropractic Post-It notes and much more. Check out just a few examples below and be sure to check out our full store for all currently available items.

 February 2018:

We updated our original poster designs with premium finish and shipping options. We now offer our posters in matte finish and a glossy laminated finish. We still offer free shipping via a poster tube. For those who prefer their posters shipped flat we now offer a flat box shipping option.

January 2018:

  • Changes to homepage design
  • Original Chiropractic T-shirts available via Amazon
  • New Chiropractic Book store section added to site
  • Increased Social Media Presence

Happy New Year! We here at hope everyone’s 2018 is off to a great start. We’ve been at this for nearly a decade now and we have no plans to stop! We have many changes and improvements coming throughout 2018 including new products. We’re off to a great start by making some subtle improvements to the home page and more.


We’re also excited to have launched a couple of Chiropractic t-shirts available for a limited time via See our Chiropractic is Specific t-shirt here:

Get your Many ways to say “Chiropractic” t-shirt here:

The shirts above are our own unique and original Chiropractic t-shirt designs. They’re available for a limited time only via Amazon. You can also browse other great Chiropractic T-shirt designs here:

Chiropractic Book Store:     

We strive to be a complete resource for affordable Chiropractic products. With that in mind we’ve added a new section to the website. The new Chiropractic Bookstore section of our site highlights some great reference texts, waiting room books, self help and even marketing books.  We hope the new addition to the site well help you improve yourself, your adjusting skills and your practice! Browse the Chiropractic Bookstore here.

Social Media: 

Our social media accounts have been neglected and overlooked for quite a while. In the past we’ve spent our time focusing on improving our site, service and products. We’ve brought someone on to help with our social media accounts. Be sure to look for increased activity from us in the coming months. We hope to engage with our customers and the profession much more frequently. Giveaways, contests and more may be in the works as well. We’re starting with our Twitter (@ChiropracticArt) and Facebook accounts. Be sure to check us out there. Follow us on Twitter and Like our Facebook Page!

February 2017:

  • Added a blog section
  • Improved user shopping experience
  • Implemented SSL security

We’ve made a lot of improvements to the site in late January and early February.  We’ve made some improvements to the site layout. Customers now enjoy a more streamlined shopping experience on both desktop/laptop and mobile devices.

New Blog: We’ve added a blog section to the site. The blog will feature a variety of useful tip articles and much more. Visit the blog here.

SSL Security: One of the most notable improvements to the site is implementation of SSL security encryption protocols. While all payment processing has always been handled via secure encryption, we’ve updated the site to offer the enhanced protection of SSL throughout. Data to and from all pages of our site now travels via https:// SSL protocols.

November 2016:

    • Security and Usability Updates
    • Added Third Party Merchant Support
  • Shopping Experience Improvement

We’ve updated the backend of our site for enhanced security.  We’ve also made some changes to help improve and refine the customer shopping experience.

One subtle but significant change is we’ve added the ability to support third party merchant browsing for select merchant partners.  We’ve now made it even easier to help you find the Chiropractic Artwork or Chiropractic gift you’re searching for. . . even if it isn’t with us!

October 2016:  

  • Continued Site Improvements

We’ve made some behind the scenes updates to improve site functionality, security and to enhance the customer experience.

June 2016:

  • Added Marketplace Category to Expand Product Selection

We’ve been working hard to parnter with 3rd party merchants, vendors and more to increase our available selection of Chiropractic Art products. We recently added a “Marketplace” category on our site. In the coming months this product category should greatly expand to offer even more unique Chiropractic gift selections via a select network of third party merchants and sites.

January 2015:

  • New Site Design and Functionality

Welcome to the all new, all improved website.  A site overhaul was long overdue and we’re pretty confident we’ve hit a homerun with the new look and feel of our site. Our site is now easier to use and navigate, more mobile device friendly, more secure and packed full of additional conveniences and features.

Users can now create an account to track open existing orders and past purchases. An account allows customers an easy way to communicate with us regarding their order and also allows us to provide updates on order progress, shipping notifications and more