Custom Spinal Decompression DVD

Custom Spinal Decompression DVD


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Educate patients and the general public about the benefits of spinal decompression therapy with a DVD customized and tailored to you and your practice.  This DVD will feature photos of your equipment, your staff and more.  We take photos,logos and information supplied by you and we create a truly custom and unique spinal decompression DVD to help you market your practice and services.  This DVD features three different version of our spinal decompression therapy video, all personalized with your information.

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Many customers asked, and here it is! A Customized Spinal Decompression patient education and marketing video slide show DVD created just for you and your practice. When we say customized, we mean it!  We use photos, information and materials provided by you.  We don’t just throw your practice name and phone number at the end of the presentation. This DVD is entirely customized with photos of you, your practice and your spinal decompression equipment!

This customized spinal decompression DVD is perfect for the health care provider and practice that isn’t ready to step up to the advantages of our mini and full spinal decompression marketing kits.

This affordable custom DVD presents all of the same information and topics featured in our normal decompression DVD.  The difference is this DVD will be totally customized and personalized with photos of YOUR practice, spinal decompression equipment and staff.

When the presentation discusses spinal decompression equipment, it will show your actual equipment in your practice. We don’t stop there.  We also put your practice contact information at the end of the DVD along with a strong call to action urging patients to schedule an appointment to see if Spinal Decompression is right for them.

We also take things a step further and provide a customized label and DVD case cover personalized with your practice information.  We also do our best to include any additional photos of your practice you provide.  We can describe any additional services you might offer and more.  This makes the DVD both a valuable patient education tool and an amazing practice promotion tool!  This patient education and marketing DVD is personalized from top to bottom and is sure to impress prospective and existing patients alike!

You’re probably wondering how this process works?  Don’t worry because the process is simple and pain free.


How it works:

  1. Complete your purchase
  2. Fill out the required Practice Contact Information and Release Form.
  3. Submit photos, logos and other files you’d like us to incorporate into your DVD
  4. Wait for updates and a shipping notification

For full details on how to submit information, file format requirements and the entire process, visit the link below:



This DVD:

  • Explains Spinal Decompression Therapy in easy to understand terms.
  • Describes the equipment and procedures used in spinal decompression.
  • Describes the three main phases of spinal decompression.
  • Encourages compliance with care recommendations
  • Stresses the importance of care beyond pain relief.
  • Describes theories about why spinal decompression works.
  • Lists studies and sources validating the effectiveness of spinal decompression therapy.
  • Is NOT profession specific. (It can be used by M.D.’s, D.C.’s etc)
  • Contains 3 different versions of the spinal decompression video presentation on one disc.
  • And Much More!


Your custom spinal Decompression marketing and patient education DVD contains 3 DIFFERENT VERSIONS of our spinal decompression presentation on one disc:

  1.  Silent self-looping waiting room presentation (~15 minutes)
  2.  Waiting room presentation with piano background music. (~15 minutes)
  3.  A shorter and slightly different narrated version.  This version is ideal for use as a patient orientation or consult video (~10 minutes in length).



Please note this is a customized product and therefore each video may vary with regard to the runtime and duration lengths mentioned above.  The duration of a customized video depends in part on the amount of customer submitted material we need to work into the presentation.

The incredible versatility of this affordable DVD makes it the perfect marketing and patient education tool! It is ideal for describing the benefits of spinal decompression to both existing patients and prospective patients.  It can easily be set up to run on  TV, laptop or other screen or monitor at a health fair, open house or other community event. You can also use the silent waiting room version to present in a lecture style environment.  Most health care providers can easily present the spinal decompression material in a 15-20 minute lecture. You can use your remote to advance, reverse or pause the presentation.

The benefits of the DVD do not end there.  The narrated consult version you’ll receive is ideal for use as part of your new decompression patient orientation.  You can even loan the disc to new patients to watch at home. At approximately 10 to 15 minutes in duration, it is the ideal length.

The spinal decompression waiting room videos are incredibly useful.  Simply start your the video in your waiting room or reception area and let it loop throughout the day. The self-looping presentations don’t need to be constantly restarted.  There is no need to program a DVD player; when the video reaches the end it simply automatically starts over again at the beginning. Just choose the silent version or the version with background music and press play!

These DVDs are extremely easy to use.  Use them anywhere you have access to play DVD videos.  If you can play and operate a normal DVD movie in a DVD player then you are good to go. Simply put this DVD in a player, computer drive etc. and select your desired version of the presentation.  Then start playing the video and walk away. The slide show runs itself!


*Please Note: These are custom kits that require a great deal of time to complete.  Please allow approximately 6-8 weeks after you have submitted all of your required information for completion of your kit.  Your purchase is subject to our terms of purchase for custom products. Complete details on our custom product ordering policies and process can be found here:

DVD Format:  NTSC Region 1 (US, CA) (Unless otherwise specified or requested)

Running Time:  Approximately 10 minutes 46 seconds for the consultation version.  Approximately 15 minutes for the waiting room video Since this is a customized one off product, the running times mentioned here are merely estimations.
Check out a few sample clips below. These clips are from our non customized version, but it gives you a feel for how the video runs.

1. A short clip from the silent waiting room version:


2. Another sample clip from the silent waiting room version:


3. View a short sample clip from the narrated consultation version: