Chiropractic Art framed print set The 3 T's Wall Art

The 3 T’s Chiropractic Print Set


Use this Chiropractic work of art to stimulate chiropractic conversation with your patients and go the extra mile to educate them.  This is also a great way to educate, empower and inform new patients about the causes of subluxation and the basic philosophy behind chiropractic care. These pictures will also help keep existing chiropractic patients on track. It’s not all about pain and symptoms!

Stop decorating your chiropractic office with everyday blandness that serves no real function.  Start displaying some chiropractic office decor with purpose!

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It’s Chiropractic Art With a Purpose!

Any principled chiropractor working in a subluxation based practice will be sure to love these framed chiropractic pictures.  In addition to looking great,  these beautiful chiropractic prints will help you educate your chiropractic patients on the three main causes of chiropractic subluxation, often referred to as The 3 T’s.  The set includes 3 different frames, each containing three philosophical Chiropractic text based pictures.


Chiropractic Picture 1: Ask the question, “What causes a subluxation?”

Chiropractic Picture 2: Explains the three main causes of subluxation, the 3 T’s:
“Thoughts”, “Traumas” and “Toxins”

Chiropractic Picture 3:   This picture breaks things down into he modern layman’s equivalent that corresponds to each of the 3 T’s.  This frame does a great job of providing a modern translation if you will:
“Emotional Stress”, “Physical Stress” and “Chemical Stress”


More about the prints:

Each print is done on high quality premium gloss white photo paper before being framed in a simple, yet stylish three window frame.  Each frame measures about 14″ tall x 7.5″ wide x .5″ deep

These frames include hangers for easy hanging on the wall.  They can also be displayed free standing thanks to the easel style stand on the back.

The dark black frame and text featured on these prints is a beautiful contrast against the white background.  These are sure to grab and keep the attention of your chiropractic patients. The attractive minimalist design is simple, classic, and modern all at once!