Digital Art Museum for Your Chiropractic Practice

Display your very own digital art museum within your Chiropractic practice. This digital display features a 1080p HD screen. When teamed with  a free mobile app and a free online account this device provides access to an online library of 20,000 still and moving images. You can even upload your own artwork!

Change images with the swipe of a hand or program things to your heart’s content with the mobile app.


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A Digital Art Museum for Your Chiropractic Practice.

Front view portrait orientation hand swipe Chiropractic Digital Art Musuem Chiropractic Wall Art


Have you ever fantasized about a luxurious art gallery gracing the walls of your Chiropractic practice? That is something that isn’t practical or affordable for most practices. Fortunately you can own the next best thing: a digital art museum for your Chiropractic practice!


The Digital Art Museum displays a rotating selection of high definition digital art. Show off hundreds or thousands of paintings, photographs, illustrations and other works of art. This 1080p resolution screen looks like a framed print at first glance. In actuality it is a beautiful blend of modern digital technology and traditional framed wall art.


The device measures an impressive and practical  32″ inches by 21 inches by 1 1/2.   The Digital Art Museum allows you to to display anything from museum quality classic works of art, illustrations in addition to your own originals. Display still images, moving images and more.




Simple, Easy and Feature Rich Digital Art for your Chiropractic Practice

The process is actually quite simple. Simply make your purchase, hang the device and create a free account on the vendor’s website. This account allows you to access and download from an online library of 20,000 works of art. As a result, you’ll never run out of unique artwork for your practice walls.

Not A Typical Digital Photo Frame

We know what you’re thinking. This isn’t a simple digital photo frame. The Digital Art Museum is packed with a variety of beneficial features.  The Digital Art Museum contains a special ambient light sensor. This sensor automatically adjusts the screens backlight to best suit the room. It also has special anti-glare technology to minimize distracting reflections and to maximize viewing angles.  Use the device’s free app on your smartphone or mobile device and you have complete control.  Change images and displayed artwork with the swipe of the hand.  Furthermore, the app and free online account allow you to control a variety of functions:



  • Control the brightness of images
  • Adjust image orientation
  • Change the gallery or specific work of art on display
  • Create timed slideshows
  • Modify background colors
  • Upload your own works of art
  • And More


The Digital Art Museum sports a black maplewood frame and a 1080p screen. The included AC wall adapter powers the device. The frame weighs around 20 pounds. It mounts securely to a wall with the included French cleat mounting hardware.


Your free online account provides access to tens of thousands works of art. The device features 8Gb of memory built in. That’s enough storage space for approximately 2,000 images, depending on file size of course.


You Choose the Art!

Looking to make this more Chiropractic specific? Upload your own Chiropractic works of art, motivational digital posters and more! Tailor the content to make it especially relevant to you and your practice or keep it general. The choice is yours.  This device isn’t just a conversation piece for your waiting room. It is also an investment.  In addition to general works of art it can easily be used for mixing in patient education and marketing with your choice of art.


This product features a lifetime guarantee. Please note this is a marketplace item. Click the images or links above or use the “Buy Product” button for  availability, pricing and ordering details.