Chiropractic Art Colorful Lumbar Spine AP X-ray Poster Print

Colorful Lumbar Spine Poster

Add a splash of modern color with this beautiful chiropractic poster. This chiropractic print features a beautiful colorized version of an AP lumbar spine x-ray and is sure to work equally well as art and as a patient education piece. This stunning and colorful chiropractic art is sure to be a popular addition to your practice or would be fantastic for a unique gift idea.

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Chiropractic Art Lumbar Spine X-ray Print Colorful Lumbar x-ray

Colorful Lumbar Spine AP X-ray Print

The human spine and the x-ray process are works of art in and of themselves. It is difficult to imagine greater beauty in either of them. . .  until some creative sole uses the power of digital photography to further enhance their inherent allure.

This chiropractic print and poster feature a stylized and colorful rendition of an AP lumbar spine x-ray. This chiropractic poster features a beautiful view of the lumbar spine with stunning colors in hues of greens, blues, pink and purple. While this view may not offer the full look of an AP lumbopelvic x-ray many Doctors of Chiropractic would prefer it is still a gorgeous work of Chiropractic none the less.

This breathtaking piece is available in a variety of sizes with numerous framing and mounting options and upgrades available. Purchase the print alone in sizes 9″ x 12″ through a large 48″ by 36″ poster size. Canvas and wood mounting options are available as well in varied sizes for an additional cost.

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