Chiropractic Poster: The Triune of Life

Chiropractic Poster: The Triune of Life


Add some colorful and principled Chiropractic art to your walls with this beautiful The Triune of Life Chiropractic poster.  This print features subtle plays on the triune and emphasizes the importance the number three plays within Chiropractic and life itself.

Featuring three beautiful flowers each surrounded by three important words, this Chiropractic poster is sure to be an affordable conversation starter and patient education tool.

This chiropractic poster typically ships out within 5-6 business days.



Any principled Chiropractor will be familiar with the concept of The Triune of Life. The power of trinity and the number three hold special meaning within the Chiropractic profession.  Chiropractic itself is a triune, often describe as a Science, Philosophy and an Art. Of course, there’s much more to the story than this.

Remember the Triune of Life from your Chiropractic Philosophy class?  Intelligence, Matter and Force?  This unique and attractive Chiropractic poster proudly celebrates the recurrent theme of the triune found within life and Chiropractic philosophy.

This Chiropractic poster features a trio of white flowers arranged in a triangular pattern against a beautiful cloudless blue sky background.  The word “Chiropractic” appears in the center of of the poster in an elegant script style text.

Continuing the theme of the triune, there are three words printed around each of the three flowers.  These words are displayed in a small white script style font.  The words words: “Science”,”Philosophy” and “Art” surround the flower at the top of the poster.  The flower located in the lower right side corner is surrounded by the words: “Intelligence”, “Force”, and “Matter”.  Finally, the flower in the lower left corner of the poster is encircled by the words “Mind”, “Body” and “Spirit”.

The phrase “The Triune of Life” appears below the imagery of the flowers.   Below that line the poster reads, “Life is a trinity having three necessary united factors, namely: Intelligence, Force and Matter” in a beautiful and easy to read script style font.

This stunning Chiropractic poster measures 24″ wide x 18″ tall. and is professionally printed on 80lb poster paper that makes this a high quality but affordable work of Chiropractic art.  Prefer an upgraded finish? Try the glossy lamination option for an even more attractive and durable poster finish!

Each poster arrives ready to be hung as is. You can also elect to frame them to suit your tastes and needs. Due to the added costs for labor and shipping, most customers choose to frame this poster themselves or have it done locally. However, we can offer framing options for customers who would like us to handle it all for them. Please contact us to discuss framing options and to obtain a quote if you’d like us to handle framing for you!

This Chiropractic poster is a great way to add some Chiropractic art with purpose to the walls of your practice!


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About Shipping:
Our Chiropractic posters are often shipped lightly rolled in a sturdy poster shipping tube.  Over the years we’ve found this to be the most economical and safest way to ship these. Flat box shipping is available for an extra fee for those who prefer their Chiropractic poster shipped flat and unrolled.

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Posters typically ship out within 5-6 business days.

Framing Options:
Having a poster framed can add significantly to the product and shipping costs. Due to this, most customers choose to frame their poster themselves or have it done locally.  If you prefer to have us handle framing for you prior to shipping simply contact us. We can work with you via email to select from available framing options and get a final product cost quotation to you.