Chiropractic Art Health and Wellness Print Set

Chiropractic Health & Wellness Prints


Help show your patients Chiropractic isn’t just about symptom relief while adding style to your Chiropractic office.  A simple, sophisticated and elegant design makes your point without being in the face of your patients.  These sepia toned prints are mounted in a pair of economical, yet durable, triple window picture frames.

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Emphasize the importance of Chiropractic in the health and wellness lifestyle while decorating your Chiropractic practice at the same time.  This set of two framed prints is great for adding some modern art to any chiropractic home or office setting. These 2 framed prints feature 3 pictures in each frame: for 6 total images in all.  These sepia toned pictures create a dramatic and sophisticated look. One of the framed pictures features two overhead angle views of a lumbar vertebra along with a close up lateral view of  a portion of the lumbar spine.

The other framed print features similar sepia toned images. The print features a gorgeous lateral photo of a posterior view of a lumbar vertebra. It also features an attractive posterior view of the lumbopelvic spine. The middle picture in each of the 3 picture frames contains the word “Chiropractic” in large bold black script style text. The top photo of each frame features the word “Health” in smaller black script, while the bottom photo of each framed picture features the word “Wellness” in the same style of black script.

Don’t like the words on these prints?  No problem!  These chiropractic framed prints are available with or without the “Chiropractic”, “Health” and “Wellness” phrases printed on them.

Each of the 6 photos contained in the two frames measures 4″ tall by 6″ wide. The beautiful sepia toned images are displayed under glass under a modern black triple window plastic picture frame.

Each individual framed work of art measures approximately 14-1/4″ tall x 7-1/2″ wide x 1/2″ deep. The pictures can either be hung on the wall or you can use the flip out stands on the backs in order to display them standing on a desk, shelf or table. These gorgeous and stylish prints can also serve double duty as a unique patient education tool. These prints communicate the message that Chiropractic care is all about health and wellness and not simply symptom relief!