Chiropractic Is Specific – Matted and Framed Print


Remind patients and staff: “Chiropractic Is Specific or it is Nothing.”

This chiropractic print features white double matting and is framed in a 14 inch wide by 11 inch tall frame. This is sure to add some classic style to any Chiropractic practice or home.

Choose black or white double matting.






Add some sophisticated style along with a dash of principled Chiropractic philosophy to your practice walls with this Chiropractic print.  This print features a lateral view of the human spine along the left side of the print. To the right of the spine the phrase,”Chiropractic is specific, or it is nothing.” is printed in black text.  It is even written in B.J.’s favorite font!

If you’re searching for an ideal piece of Chiropractic office decor for a focused and principled Doctor of Chiropractic this is it.  This affordable Chiropractic picture is a beautiful way to remind your patients, staff, and even yourself:  Chiropractic is specific!

This Chiropractic print measures about 14″ wide by 11″ tall overall. Each of these prints is done with professional quality ink on quality name brand acid free, archive safe photo paper. Each spine print is matted to an 10″ x 8″ size in a frame measuring about 11″ inches wide by 14″ tall.

Either white or black double matting is available.


White Double Matte:

We’ll use a gorgeous simple double white mat with a light texture. The matting also provides a double black border around the print for added style. The professional quality acid free mat gives this Chiropractic print a beautiful dimension of depth, setting it apart as a wonderful Chiropractic work of art.

Chiropractic framed picture wall art
Our Chiropractic is Specific framed print with double white matting.




Black Double Matte:  Our black matting provides more contrast for your print. We’ll use a textured black outer mat along with a white inner mat. The whit inner mat creates a little dramatic depth and smooths the transition between picture and mating. The black outer matter provides a similar smooth transition from outer mat to frame.

Chiropractic Art Print
Our “Chiropractic is specific” framed print with black and white matte.



After matting, we frame each print under glass in a sturdy glossy black abs frame. The frame measures about 14″ wide x 11″ tall. These frames are completely backed with a sturdy backing featuring metal clips and metal mounting hardware for secure hanging.