Preventing Spinal Injury Chiropractic PowerPoint

Chiropractic PowerPoint: Preventing Spinal Injury (CD)


Help patients and the public avoid spinal injury and back pain with this affordable Chiropractic patient education PowerPoint® presentation.  Position yourself as a spine and back pain prevention expert in your community with this economical and effective PowerPoint® presentation provided on CD-ROM.



Looking for an affordable and fully customizable Chiropractic patient education tool to use in a lecture style environment? Our Preventing Spinal Injury and Back Pain PowerPoint®  presentation is the perfect answer.

This Chiropractic lay lecture on CD-ROM will help you establish yourself as a spine expert within your community.  The presentation covers many basic ergonomic and safety tips to help patients avoid spine injury and back pain.  Some of the topics covered include:

  • Computer Ergonomic Tips: Tips on properly setting up a computer workstation in order to avoid neck and back pain
  • 10 Rules for Safe Lifting
  • Other Workplace Ergonomic Tips
  • The importance of maintaining a healthy weight
  • The importance of core musculature strength
  • How quitting smoking can help prevent back pain and injury
  • Tips for safe sleeping positions to avoid back and neck pain
  • And More!


Your purchase includes several different versions of the PowerPoint®, which consists of 90+ slides, on one CD-ROM.  This presentation is extremely useful in a lecture type setting.  This makes it ideal for use in a health care class or lay lecture.  Anyone can easily present the material in a 15 to 20 minute lecture.  This Chiropractic lay lecture presentation can even be set up to loop and play unattended on an office reception room monitor, at a spinal screening booth or at a  health fair.

These files are 100% editable and customizable adding to their versatility and usefulness.  There are no locked “read only” or password protected files here! Your purchase is completely customizable! Simply pop the CD in your computer’s CD drive and open a presentation using the PowerPoint® program or equivalent.  Next just save the file to your computer or create a new copy and you can make any changes you desire. You can edit content, add your own material, delete slides, reorder content and more. The sky is the limit. The main restriction is you may not sell or redistribute this PowerPoint®, or any derivative thereof.

This Chiropractic health talk presentation is perfect for Doctors of Chiropractic, but it can be used by any healthcare provider. Since it doesn’t specifically mention Chiropractic at all, this presentation can be used by any healthcare professional with equal effectiveness.
Of course if you are a Doctor of Chiropractic, this presentation is ideal for establishing yourself as a spine expert.  While highly effective for generating new patient leads, this Chiropractic slide show is also ideal for getting existing patients into the wellness care frame of mind.


Presentation Requirements:

A PC or Mac with Microsoft PowerPoint® 2003 or newer (or equivalent) installed is required to view and edit these presentations. A printer is required to print slides, handouts etc. A hard drive or similar storage device with 15-20 Mb available space is required to save your changes to the presentation. Adobe’s free reader program (available at or equivalent is required to view any PDF documents.