Chiropractic New Patient Orientation DVD Video


This affordable and effective Chiropractic patient education DVD is perfect for use as a new patient orientation tool.  Play this chiropractic DVD in your waiting room, at a spinal screening booth or anywhere you want to educate the public on the benefits of Chiropractic care.  This affordable Chiropractic patient education tool features a silent and narrated version of our Chiropractic patient education presentation. Each version is self looping adding to the usefulness of this affordable Chiropractic patient education and marketing tool.




This Chiropractic patient education DVD has been adapted from our extremely popular Chiropractic New Patient Orientation PowerPoint Presentation. We’ve taken the same presentation and tweaked and improved it to make this awesome DVD!

All of the major information present in the PowerPoint remains the same, but we added more pictures and animations to create a visually engaging and engrossing DVD.  We’ve also added a narrated version of the Chiropractic patient orientation presentation.  You can play the DVD with narration or set the silent version of the presentation to run looped on a TV or monitor in a waiting room or other area.

This Chiropractic DVD does a fantastic job explaining Chiropractic care to both new and prospe8ctive patients. It is also very useful for explaining the concept of the vertebral subluxation and why chiropractic care shouldn’t be based strictly on the presence or absence of symptoms.  If you’re looking for an educational Chiropractic lay lecture DVD that encourages maintenance care, this is it!


Some of the topics addressed include:

  • What is Chiropractic and where does the name come from?
  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • The Subluxation
  • A Brief Review of Spinal Anatomy and How it Relates to Subluxation
  • What Things Cause Vertebral Subluxations?
  • The Five Components of Subluxation.
  • And More


This Chiropractic DVD has both a narrated and a silent version of the same presentation. Both presentations present the identical information.  The key difference is the narrated version contains an audio track with voice narration of the slides. The narrated version runs approximately 13 minutes in length.  This version moves at a faster pace since it doesn’t require your audience to read through every slide at their own pace. This narrated version is ideal for showing to an audience in a group setting.  It’s also great for use as a new patient orientation or Report of Findings video.

No worries if you’re not interested in the narrated version.  The DVD also includes a silent version.  The non-narrated silent version runs a little more slowly at about 17 minutes long. This version of the presentation is ideal for looping in a waiting room or reception area where narration and sound can be distracting.

There is also an optional fun and light-hearted video quiz that allows you to test how well your audience paid attention. The simple and humorous quiz runs about 3 minutes long and consists of 5 easy multiple choice questions.  It is definitely a great way to drive home a few major points of the presentation.


How it Works:

Using this DVD couldn’t be any easier! Simply play it just as you would any other normal DVD movie. Simply place the DVD in your DVD player and at the main menu, use your remote control to select the video you wish to view. Chooe narrated, non-narrated, credits/terms of use, or the quiz video. Next, just press play and you are all set! You can set your DVD to run unattended in a waiting room, reception area or even at a health fair.  You can also use a remote control to navigate through the video in a lecture style environment. Pause, reverse or advance through the slides as you present the material.

Each video on the DVD is self-looping so there is no need for you or your staff to be burdened with programming a DVD player or constantly restarting videos.Each video starts over and replays itself when it reaches the end. This repeats until you choose to stop it. This awesome feature is great for those Chiropractors who like to play videos in their waiting room.


View some sample clips below:

View the first 60 seconds of the narrated version on the DVD in the sample clip below:


View another short sample clip from the narrated version below:


Check out a couple minutes from the silent version of the  video on the DVD: