Chiropractic Patient Education Waiting Room DVD

Chiropractic DVD: Preventing Spinal Injury


Educate your patients and the public with this affordable Chiropractic patient education DVD. Position yourself as the spine expert in your community with this easy to use patient education tool. This DVD helps the public prevent spinal injury and back pain with a plethora of useful tips. It features everything from advice on setting up a computer work station with proper ergonomics, to safe lifting procedures, safe sleeping positions and much more!





Looking for a cost effective way to educate patients with simple ergonomic and lifestyle tips to prevent spinal injury and back pain? Our chiropractic waiting room dvd entitled: Preventing Spinal Injury and Back Pain is the perfect solution.

This Chiropractic patient education DVD features 3 different versions of the 14 minute and 20 seconds long video presentation.  A silent version and 2 versions with different background music options are included on the same DVD.

This  DVD covers basic ergonomic tips and safety advice to help patients and the general public avoid back pain and spine injury. Many topics are discussed including:


  • Computer Ergonomics: Tips on a proper setup of a computer workstation to avoid neck and back pain
  • Safe Lifting Procedures: 10 Rules for Safe Lifting
  • Other Workplace Tips
  • The importance of core muscles
  • The importance of exercise and maintaining a healthy body weight
  • How quitting smoking can help
  • Safe sleeping postures and positions
  • And More!


This chiropractic patient education DVD is perfect for Doctors of Chiropractic, but it can also be used by any healthcare provider. Since the DVD doesn’t mention chiropractic at all, it is the ideal educational tool for many situations.
Of course, if you are a Doctor of Chiropractic, this is the perfect affordable Chiropractic patient education tool to establish yourself as a spine expert within your community.   It  also helps get your existing patients into the wellness care frame of mind.


Sample Clips:

View a sample clip from the beginning of one of the background music versions below.



You can view a sample clip from the middle of the silent version of the video below:


Please note the sample clips shown above contain a watermark which doesn’t appear in the purchased version of the DVD. The sample clips shown above are also of lesser audio and video quality when compared to the actual DVD. The sample clips have been compressed and reduced in quality.


DVD Format:
NTSC Region 1 (USA, Canada etc.) If you need a region free DVD or a DVD format for viewing in other countries contact us and let us know prior to ordering.

Running Time:
Each version of the video presentation runs approximately 14 minutes and 20 seconds.

Self Looping:
Each of the video presentations on the DVD is self-looping and will restart from the beginning after it concludes. There is no need to constantly restart the DVD or video.  Just pop the DVD into your DVD player, select your desired version of the video and hit play. The DVD will loop the video you select continuously until you stop it.