Spine Art Chiropractic Lumbar Spine Painting

Abstract Lumbar Spine Painting – Chiropractic Art


This painting represents a stylized and abstract version of the lumbar spine.  This chiropractic art is sure to add some vibrant and colorful style to the walls of your practice, office or home.  Gone are the typical gentle smooth, rounded lines seen in the bony anatomy of the lumbar spine. They’ve been replaced with bold angular and sharp  lines in this Chiropractic abstract lumbar spine painting. This heavy linear angular stylization is balanced with colorful round shapes.  A neutral natural beige colored background completes the modern look and really makes colors pop.  This chiropractic painting measures approximately 24″ tall and 12″ wide.




This unique painting features our abstract  vision of a lateral view of the lumbar spine done with a  distinct modern flair. Very heavy, sharp, bold and thick angular lines painted in gloss black oil compose the white spine which is resting on a warm and neutral beige background color.  Different colored circular shapes provide  splashes of bright and vibrant color throughout the background. These spheres contain a unique textured and marbled fill effect that helps to ensure the colors aren’t too bright or overpowering.  These circles are painted in a variety of colors including bright blue, yellow, red, dark gray, brown,  green, and a deep dark plum color. This chiropractic lumbar spine painting measures about 24″ tall by 12″ wide by about 3/4″ deep overall.

While this painting may not be for everyone’s tastes, it is sure to create a memorable impression and is perfect for the Chiropractor searching for unique chiropractic art. This beautiful painting looks equally well in a reception room, waiting area, a hallway, within an adjusting room, or even hung on the walls of a Chiropractic home.

Each painting arrives complete and ready to hang. Framing these paintings is not necessary; each canvas is gallery wrapped and there are no staples visible on either the front or sides of the painting.  All of the painting edges are painted in a flat black paint to create beautiful contrast and  a sophisticated finished look.  These paintings are ready to be hung when they ship, but they can also be framed at a local art framing store.

Each of these paintings are completed with care to ensure their longevity.  Thanks to their careful preparation and quality materials they should last a long time.  Each painting is done on either a smooth or medium texture acid free canvas.  The canvas is carefully and professionally stretched over thick wooden stretcher bars and is treated to protect against the risk of acidic deterioration.

The product photos seen here are photos of previously purchased pieces. Your purchase will look very similar, but remember each painting is done entirely by hand and will have its own unique variations and characteristics.
Purchase this painting as a set with the matching cervical spine painting counterpart and save!