Atlas Vertebra Painting: – Superior View Single Color Background


Many Doctors of Chiropractic know and respect the importance of the upper cervical spine.  This painting of the atlas vertebra is a perfect gift or piece of Chiropractic art for such a Doctor.  It features a superior view of the atlas vertebra done on the purchaser’s choice of background colors.  Measures approximately 24″ wide by 12″ tall.



This Chiropractic art is a painting of the atlas vertebra. The first cervical vertebra is considered of the utmost importance to many Chiropractic adjusting techniques.   This painting is sure to be a hit with any Toggle-Recoil, Atlas Orthogonal, NUCCA and any other Chiropractor that fully appreciates the power of the upper cervical spine.

This painting features a superior view of the first Cervical vertebra done in black oil. The painting technique is inspired by line art drawings and other early style medical illustrations seen in Gray’s Anatomy and other fine texts.

Each painting measures about 24 inches wide by 12 inches tall and arrives with finished gallery wrapped edges.  In other words this arrives ready to hang.  If you prefer the look of a framed painting you may opt to have it framed at a local shop.

These paintings are done with quality canvas and materials to protect them and to ensure their durability and longevity.  After work is complete we also protect them with several coats of clear protectant.

This version is a single color background allowing you to get your choice of a single background color in either a solid or stippled style background.  Check out our color chart for sample views and information about our other background color options.  A multi-toned marbled style background is also available.

Please note these paintings are completed by hand on an order by order basis. Please allow time for your order to be completed and shipped. Each painting will have its own unique variations and distinguishing characteristics.  These are hand painted and no two paintings are exact duplicates.  The photos shown here on our site are photos of previously sold pieces.