Chiropractic EMR Affordable Cloud based Chiropractic EMR

VitaLogics Chiropractic Software: Affordable Cloud Based Chiropractic EMR

VitaLogics EMR: Affordable Cloud Based Chiropractic EMR

There are a lot of Chiropractic EMR options out there. In fact, there are so many choices finding the Chiropractic EMR software option right for you and your practice can seem like a daunting task.  We know how tough it can be. Chiropractic software often ties up a significant investment of your time and finances. That’s why we thought we’ve take a few minutes to recommend one of our favorites: VitaLogics EMR™.  VitaLogics EMR offers affordable Cloud Based Chiropractic EMR with reasonable monthly pricing.


VitaLogics affordable cloud based Chiropractic EMR software

Why do we recommend it? Here’s a brief summary:

  • Affordable enough for new doctors
  • 3 Different price levels. Start off on the basic plan and upgrade as your practice grows
  • Entirely cloud based. No overpriced mandatory hardware. Access the software from nearly any device and pretty much anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Developed specifically for the Chiropractic profession.
  • Easy, customizable and intuitive interface
  • Documenting new patients and daily visits is incredibly fast.
  • An all in one solution for your practice: Patient records, appointment management, billing modules, implemented marketing and much more
  • Packed with features you’ll actually use

If you’re ready to learn more, read on!


First check out this short video that provides a quick overview:



Price and affordability are often a major concern when choosing any Chiropractic EMR software. Chiropractic practice software is often a significant expense that requires a large upfront investment. Fortunately, that’s not the case with VitaLogics EMR. They offer a tiered subscription based pricing plan that allows you to get started without a huge initial investment or commitment.  You can get started with as little as $199 per month after the one time initial set up fee.

If you’re searching for affordable cloud based Chiropractic EMR, look no further. Their basic plan is currently $199 a month. Their mid-level pro plan offers a healthy set of their most desirable features for just $289 per month. The platinum package ramps up practice performance with some built in automated marketing solutions and more for $379 per month. All plans currently require a $397 initial setup and training fee. The one downside is you commit to a 6 month contract. You can upgrade to a more expensive plan quickly and easily at any time.



The user interface is designed from the ground up to be simple, efficient and effective. You and your staff won’t be distracted by flashy graphics that slow down you and your device. Everything is streamlined and coded to be quick and simple without all the unnecessary flashy



The entire VitaLogics EMR system is cloud based. That means there’s no installation of software on your devices.  It means device hardware requirements are typically less strict. Most importantly,  it means you can access your practice data from nearly any device nearly anywhere you have an internet connection. Log in from home, while on vacation and more!



VitaLogics allows you to quickly and efficiently create compliant SOAP notes. You get Chiropractic specific notes that make sense to you and outsiders.  Once you’ve mastered the system flow you can take daily SOAP notes in as little as 10 seconds. New patient consultations and physical exams can be documented in under a minute.  The best part is the entire process is streamlined and customizable. Create SOAP notes the way you want them done with fully customizable buttons. You can configure custom macros to best suit your needs.  Think it stops there? VitaLogics EMR is more than just an Affordable Cloud Based Chiropractic EMR.  You’ll find much more soap notes and basic documentation.



This software makes patient scheduling incredibly easy for Doctors and front office staff. You can easily create and manage appointments with the drag and drop calendar interface.  If you’re looking to set up recurring appointments or an extended care plan it is just as easily done as setting up a single appointment!



As long as you’re a paying subscriber you’ll get free unlimited updates to your current package. There are no fees for updates and updates will be be applied to your package automatically. No downloading or installs and no outrageous update fees! The modular design of VitaLogic EMR allows the product to be continually updated and improved throughout its lifetime.



In today’s information age frequent offsite backup is crucial. All of your data is backed up daily at no additional cost to you.



Your monthly fee includes unlimited basic support via phone, chat or email! Fortunately, you’ll be properly trained and this software is incredibly easy to use. In the event you do run into trouble you’ll be happy to receive quick support without fear of being charged for getting help with issues beyond your control. That’s right! This is an affordable cloud based Chiropractic EMR solution with support included!

Chiropractic EMR


Whether you’re working with a basic desktop or laptop or a top end modern mobile device, Vitalogics EMR is ready to go. The software is designed to work with touch screens on desktop monitors, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices.

Affordable Chiropractic EMR Software Monthly


The Pro and Platinum level packages offer a Patient Self Check-In module. You can use this service to create a Patient Self Check-In kiosk within your practice. This helps streamline patient intake and keep your practice moving quickly and efficiently.  The best part is you can customize the Self Check-In experience for patients.  You can easily add a practice logo, photo or custom message to the self check-in screen. Patients can simply type in their name or you can even set up a magnetic card reader to allow them to swipe a  custom key card, their Driver’s license etc. to check in.

View a short video on the self check-in feature below:



You can basically have as many individual staff and doctor user log-ins as you need. The user licenses apply to the number of simultaneously logged in users for your practice.  You can only have a certain amount of users or devices logged in simultaneously. In other words if your practice consists of 15 total staff members you might have 15 individual usernames and passwords set up in the system, but only 2-5 can be logged in at any given time. With the basic plan you’re allowed 2 users. The pro and platinum plans allow 5 simultaneous users to be logged in.



A billing module is available on the Pro and Platinum level plans. This module allows you to do do simple bill batch creation and EOB posting. There’s also a built in basic scrubbing featured that shows you what information might get your HCFA denied. You’ll see an error report along with specific instructions on how to correct any errors or omissions.



If you start with  the affordable cloud based chiropractic EMR plan you can upgrade at any time.  In addition to the features mentioned previously, stepping up to the pro package will offer a variety of additional features. You’ll gain access to the Care Plan Module, The Documenter Report Generator, an X-ray Module and the practice diagnostics and statistics module.

Another great feature offered beginning at the pro level are text and email reminders. This feature allows you to automatically text and/or email patients appointment reminders and follow up emails. You can even set a text or email reminder to send when a patient is so many minutes ate. This is a great feature to increase patient compliance and retention. It also helps protect practice revenue.

The top level Platinum package expands on the features we’ve already mentioned by offered a wide variety of automated marketing solutions and integration with Infusionsoft.



We can’t possibly cover everything in detail here.  Visit today for additional information.



This is a highly personal decision but we’ll do our best to help. Are you starting a new practice? Are you a Chiropractor looking to get started with an affordable cloud based Chiropractic EMR software on a tight budget? The basic plan should suit your needs just fine for now. You can easily contact support to immediately upgrade the moment you outgrow the basic plan.

If you’re a more established practice or have a bit more budget to spare, we highly recommend the Pro plan. The Pro plan offers you the Care Plan and Self Check-In modules. You’ll also be able to use text and email reminders, generate reports, access the X-ray module and track practice statistics. It’s a near perfect plan that will meet the needs and budget of most Chiropractic practices.

The Platinum plan is great for practices that have a desire to implement more automated marketing solutions. These solutions are great for practice growth and patient retention.


Initial sign up is very easy.  There are no high pressure sales pitch and no endless phone calls. If you decide to give VitaLogics EMR a try getting started takes just 30 seconds! To give this affordable cloud based chiropractic EMR solution visit the VitaLogics EMR website today!

For additional information check out this 30 minute demo video:


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