Cold Laser Patient Education PowerPoint Lecture Presentation

Cold Laser PowerPoint Presentation (CD)


Add affordable Cold Laser patient education and marketing to your practice at a very affordable price thanks to our Cold Laser PowerPoint presentation.  You’ll receive several different versions of our Cold Laser PowerPoint on CD-ROM.  Choose from several different background choices and more.  This presentation covers the benefits of cold laser therapy, the equipment and procedures involved and more. The PowerPoint files are completely customizeable meaning you can easily make any changes you’d like.  You’ll also receive instructions and tips to get started with your Cold Laser presentation. Scroll down for more details about this awesome Cold Laser patient education tool.


You’ve invested a significant amount of money and time in your Cold Laser Therapy equipment only to discover there isn’t much to help you educate your patients or market your valuable services. That’s no longer a problem thanks to our Cold Laser PowerPoint presentation on CD-ROM.  This affordable presentation is entitled, Cold Laser Therapy: Light Years Beyond Simple Pain Relief.

Coming in at over 60 slides long, this cold laser presentation is the perfect length to educate patients about cold laser therapy without going into too much detail.  This presentation is not specific for any one profession which means it can be used by Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists or any other qualified healthcare professional that has a desire to educate patients and the general public on the numerous benefits Low Level Laser Therapy has to offer!

Use this effective tool to show patients and the public Cold Laser Therapy is effective for pain relief and so much more!  Let’s take a look at some of the topics covered .  Some of the topics covered within the presentation include:

  • What is Cold Laser or low level laser therapy?
  • Who uses this technology?
  • Does Cold Laser Therapy really help?
  • What conditions does it help?
  • How does Cold Laser Therapy work?
  • What equipment & procedures are involved?
  • What is Cold Laser’s role in healthcare?
  • And MORE!


This Cold Laser PowerPoint presentation is packed full of valuable patient education and marketing materials.  Most importantly, all of it is backed up with research and reference citations.   Over 60 references are cited and well documented giving credibility to your lecture or presentation.  With all of the sources cited within this presentation your audience will know nothing was pulled from thin air.  Although it is extremely informative and educational, this presentation isn’t boring.  It contains just the right amount of custom animations, pictures and more to keep the audience involved and entertained without being distracted.


You’ll get your money’s worth with this presentation.


Your purchase includes:

1.  One CD-ROM disc containing your PowerPoint presentation files.
You’ll get two different versions of our cold laser therapy PowerPoint presentation. One version is a basic PowerPoint presented in a classic slideshow presentation with smaller type, more text per slide, less fancy animations etc. The other version included on the disc is  more aesthetically pleasing and is similar to the video presentation seen on our Cold Laser DVD. This alternate version has more pictures and animations, less text on each slide etc.


2.  You will also receive several different background styles and layouts to choose from.
The Cold Laser presentation is provided in several different background colors and styles.  With these additional choices you are sure to find one Cold Laser presentation to fit your tastes. Of course, you can always simply alter the presentation with whatever custom background you desire! (These files are completely editable)


3. Instructions.
Your purchase also includes a set of basic instructions to help you begin immediately customizing and using your PowerPoint files.


4.  Hints and Tips Document.
With your purchase, you’ll also receive a document full of free tips and ideas on how to present and use the presentations effectively!  These tips oprovided in both .RTF (word processor document) and Adobe PDF format.


Make it Unique to Your Practice:

Each version of these Cold Laser PowerPoint presentations is completely customizable.  These presentations are ready to go out of the box.  Simply type your name and clinic contact information into the designated spot in the presentation and you are ready to go.  Of course if you wish to change something you are absolutely free to do so.   Customize the presentation to your heart’s content.  Add information, add pictures, delete content, rearrange the order of slides and more.  There are no password protected “read only” files here.  You’re free to make any changes you’d like.  The only condition is you cannot redistribute the files or any of your derivatives of it.



How can you put this Cold Laser PowerPoint presentation to use? The possibilities are nearly endless.  Set up a presentation to run unattended on a laptop at a health fair, practice open house, trade fair or other event. You can also set it up to run looped on a monitor in your waiting room, reception area or treatment room.  This presentation is ideal for use as a lay lecture to benefit the public. Most practitioners can easily present the material in a 15 to 30 minute lecture.


Still not sure whether this Cold Laser patient education tool is for you? Why not download our Cold Laser PowerPoint sample document? This sample presentation is provided in PDF format, but it gives you a good idea of what the presentation looks like.  Download the sample at the link below. (You can either click and wait for the link to open in a new window or right click and use the “save as” option to save the document to your computer or storage device)