Cold Laser Waiting Room DVD

Cold Laser Patient Education DVD Video


Educate your community and patients about the benefits of Cold Laser Therapy with this Cold Laser waiting room DVD.  This video doesn’t mention any specific profession, so it can be used by any qualified healthcare professional.  At about 20 minutes in length, this video is just the right length to make be highly informative without being too long or boring.


This Cold Laser waiting room DVD, entitled Cold Laser Therapy: Light Years Beyond Simple Pain Relief, is perfect for educating patients and the general public about the benefits of cold laser therapy.  This silent video presentation can be used as a standalone educational video slideshow to play in your waiting room or  you can use it to be present in a lecture or class type setting. At about 20 minutes in length, this Cold Laser DVD is just the right length.

Topics covered in this DVD include:

  • What is cold laser therapy?
  • Who uses cold laser?
  • Does it really help?
  • What conditions can Cold Laser therapy help?
  • How does it work?
  • What equipment & procedures are involved?
  • What is cold laser’s role in healthcare?
  • Beyond Pain Relief: Cold Laser’s use in areas such as smoking cessation and weight loss.


Everything in the DVD is backed with research reference citations. The 60+ references and works cited are all documented. Your audience will feel comfortable knowing nothing was pulled from thin air!
This video presentation is an adaptation of our very popular Cold Laser Therapy PowerPoint presentation.  This DVD features essentially the identical presentation reworked and made more visually appealing for use as a DVD.

This patient education DVD is ideal for describing the benefits of cold laser therapy to the general public and existing patients.  This DVD is absolutely ideal for passively educating your patients.  It is perfect for playing on a loop on a TV or monitor in a waiting room.  This allows you to educate existing cold laser patients while simultaneously generating new ones!

Although originally designed as a silent DVD to loop in a waiting room or reception area, there are many other uses.  Try setting this up to run at a spinal screening, health fair or open house. You can also play this in a laptop with a DVD drive and use it as a lay lecture.  You can even use this DVD as part of your new cold laser patient orientation.  Many providers also loan this video to new patients to watch at home.  The possibilities are nearly endless.

This DVD is very easy to use.  If you’re capable of playing a normal DVD in a DVD player you’re all set!  Simply place this DVD in the player and close the drawer, if applicable.  Next, make your selection from the DVD menu with your remote.  Then just press play and walk away.  From this point on the slide show basically runs itself.  It should restart from the beginning once the DVD concludes.  Looking to use this DVD in a lecture setting?  Using the DVD player remote (or a mouse with a laptop and projector) you’ll be able to pause, advance, or reverse through the slides just like a static slideshow.

This silent DVD features custom text animations throughout.  There is just enough animation and photos to keep the audience interested without being distracting or taking away from the educational aspects.

This Cold Laser DVD is not specific to any one profession.  It can be used by Chiropractors, Medical Doctors and more with equal effectiveness.


Sample Clips:

Check out some sample clips below. Please note the sample clips may be of reduced quality and feature a watermark not present in the actual video
Here is a short sample clip from the beginning of the presentation:

The following clip is from the middle of this economical Cold Laser DVD presentation:

Here is another sample clip taken from our Cold Laser DVD video:



DVD Region: DVD: 1 (US, CA)

DVD Format: NTSC

DVD Running Time: Approximately 20 minutes